Sunday, July 10, 2011

First Fourth

A short little post today so I can include these cute, cute photos of Isabella on her First Fourth.  Actually, the photos were taken on the day before since she and her family left to go back to Franklin that night.  We had a nice photo shoot, but getting a smiley baby picture is hard work.  She senses the camera before she sees it and intently stares at it refusing to smile.  So to get a good smiley shot, I have to work really hard.  Her daddy can usually get a smile out of her- so I called for him to help.  Here’s my favorite:

First Fourth

And, here’s how we got there:

Needless to say we had a wonderful holiday weekend.  And I hope yours was wonderful too.


Lisa said...

What a fun post. Love all the pics of sweet Bella. And love the new blog pretty.

klak said...

Oh, I just want to pick up that beautiful baby! Love your new blog header,'s so Diane (that means perfectly lovely).


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